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HEB Quest for the Best Finalist


JD's Chili Parlor is proud to announce we made it to the Top 20 Finalists and will have our products sold at nearly 300 HEB Stores across Texas. Thank you to all those who helped us along the way!   

HEB Quest for the Best Finalist

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Chili Fixins

A variety of scintillating Americana flavors that make a quick, easy gourmet pot of chili that’s delicious and truly Texan, not to mention fun to incorporate into any dish, any cuisine.

Enchilada Sauces

With the same unique flavor profiles as our Fixin’s, but sieved to create a smooth, velvety sauce that make a perfect batch of enchiladas!

Other Chilified Products

Try our gourmet chili paste, which is the inspiration for our entire line and keep an eye out for exciting new chilified products on their way! Also the Chili Mary!

Gourmet Chili & Chilified Products made by

Professional Chili Designers 

Texans take their chili very seriously and so do we! Inspired by the historic Chili Queens, who invented chili right here in San Antonio almost 200 years ago, our passion is to make the most delicious, high quality and versatile chili and chilified products you’ve ever tasted. We created a unique line of Americana fusions unlike anything the world has ever seen!

You can also find us at various farmers markets and special events in the greater San Antonio area and around Texas. Our very own Chili Queen of Texas, Diana Anderson, likes to serve big bowls of red wherever she goes, bringing smiles to people’s faces. Visit our calendar page for details or just listen for the call of the Chili Queen, “Chili, Chili, Chili!”

Planning an event? We are also available for private events and catering. Come on in and sample our chilis at our tasting room, located at the Local Sprout Food Hub in downtown San Antonio. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Diana Anderson of JD's Chili Parlor

Diana Anderson - Chili Queen

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Favorite Recipes for Chili

Have You Tried A Chili Mary?

The Chili Mary in 5 Different Flavors

If you like Bloody Mary’s you are bound to flip for the Chili Mary!

JD’s Chili Mary is the ultimate hair of the dog, made with our signature blend of chilis and spices and chock full of rejuvenating ingredients and flavor that pack a punch. After a night of sipping with her Chili King around the fire, do what the Chili Queen does – reach for your favorite vodka, tequila or gin and toss in JDs Chili Mary gourmet bloody Mary mix, guaranteed to elevate your day. It’s also a crowd-pleasure for brunch or cocktail party. We recommend trying it as a marinade because, like all of our products, the only limitation is your imagination. There’s no telling where a Chili Mary will take you!

Try it with Vodka or Tequila!