What is Chili?

You might think you know, but at JD Chili Parlor we elevate chili to the next stratosphere. Like most Texans, we believe chili should be made without beans, but we add just about everything else. For a Texas tried-and-true chili, you need the right chili fixin’s and chili paste, and we make our own.

chili comes in all flavors and colors – red, white, and green – but to make it right you have to start with the perfect base, one of the secrets to our unbelievable chili. If you want to make your own chili, don’t worry, we got you! Check out our online store and order !

Red Chili (Bowl of Red): Our bowl of red is based on the early chili queen recipes that use a combination of dried chili peppers, along with a liberal amount of cumino spice (cumin) that was brought over by the Canary Islanders, grass-fed beef, free range chicken or whichever kind of meat appeals to you the most. This traditional dish is made without tomato sauce, green peppers or beans. This true Texas red is made virtually the same way it was hundreds of years ago. (tweak sentence) suet, garlic and onion….. we take this early recipe…. And create an Americana fusion chili that is forward looking creative enticing. …and unique

We can’t talk about a bowl of red without also giving recognition to Texas journalist, historian and chili enthusiast, Frank X. Tolbert, who helped put this chili on the map.

White Chili: This is our riff on what’s often called a Yankee chili. Traditionally, an eastern U.S. dish, our version is made with an organic veggie stock and either chicken, turkey or vegetables (vegan).

Green Chili: Traditionally, green chili, also known as a green chili stew, is made with Anaheim or New Mexico hatch chilis, cilantro and tomatillos, along with seared, slow-cooked pork shoulder and traditional Mexican spices. We lean towards the New Mexico-style version of this chili. We can also make our green chili vegan or use free range chicken or turkey.