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While you can always find us at artisan farmers markets and iconic events in the Greater San Antonio area, we’re also available for special events, from country weddings to corporate mixers. We custom design chilis as well as a delicious variety of gourmet comfort foods, such as our chilified smoked brisket, pork ribs and chicken, along with favorite sides like our 11-cheese mac-n-cheese, creamed corn, borracho beans with ham hocks and corn bread. Don’t forget to ask about our famous fresh fried hash brown bowls and the BEST DANG FRITO PIES in Texas!

Whether it’s chili, barbecue, gourmet hot dogs or even biscuits and gravy, we can pop-up our parlor for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For a fun treat, we can cook on-site, Chili Queen-style, over a flaming hot pit.

*Please note, all our chilis can be made mild to hot, depending upon your preference.


Great chili starts with great ingredients, which is why we’re dedicated to sourcing the best local and organic ingredients, such as grass-fed and free-range products from farmers and ranchers we know and trust.


Texas Red

True Texas chili made from JD’s Chili Paste and spices and fashioned after the original Chili Queen’s recipe.

Pecan-Smoked Whiskey Chili

Our signature beef chili smoked over pecan wood and kicked up with a few shots of Rebecca Creek Whiskey.

JD’s Original 

Made with our JD’s original chili fixin’s, this hearty, robust chili is available in chicken, turkey or beef.

White Wine Chicken Chili

A medium-spiced, mesquite-smoked chili, made with chicken breast and Becker Vineyards’ chardonnay.

Prickly Pear Margarita Chili

This vibrant, flavorful chili is made with Hornitos tequila, prickly pear juice and your choice of beef, chicken or even cabrito (goat).

Peaceful Pork Handshake Chili

Mesquite-smoked barbecue in a bowl – made with juicy smoked pork tenderloin, bacon, sausage, ham and shoulder, using Peaceful Pork’s high-quality pasture-raised pork.

Oak-Smoked Red Wine Blackberry Chili

This is one of the few chilis we don’t smoke. This super lean chili is made with marinated sirloin and grass-feed (90/10) beef, as well as Becker Vineyards’ merlot. It’s then finished with fresh blackberry juice. The color is so vibrant it looks like a pot of edible wine!

Vegan Chili (White or Red)

A best-seller, our rich vegan chili is made with seasonal veggies (such as a ton of roasted poblano and jalapeño peppers, carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, garlic, cauliflower, beets, turnips, whole mushrooms, onions, yellow peppers and orange pepper), roasted in jalapeno avocado oil, in a rich red or white chili. Can be made gluten-free and dairy free. but traditionally comes with lima beans. We can even slow-cook our veggie chili over a charcoal pit.

Honey Hatch Beer Chili made with Ranger Creek’s San Antonio Hatch Lager

What doesn’t go great with beer?! This malty, hatch-spiced chili goes well with just about anything, including pork, beef, chicken or veggies.

Champagne Chocolate Texas Red Chili (Specialty Batch)

This is our Cadillac of chilis! Made with a cherry-smoked Wagyu brisket that’s been marinated in a Texas champagne for two days then mixed with a fried dark chocolate chili paste of 80% cacao and JD’s original chili paste – this is the true heart of a Texas red. 

Angry Goat Chili

Our unequivocally delectable Angry Goat Chili is guaranteed to having you jumping for joy! It’s mesquite-smoked and infused with tequila, lime and fig. We use grass-fed, pasture-raised local goat meat that’s as flavorful as it is sustainable. This James Beard Award-worthy masterpiece represents the pinnacle of chili as an elevated dish.


Everyone goes gaga over our Mac! Our cheese sauce is a fantastic fusion of Mexican and Italian cheeses that includes mozzarella, queso quesadilla, parmesan, asadero, extra sharp cheddar as well as five others and a dollop of local honey from Holdman Honey. We also like to add an array of toppers to delight your palate. See our options below.

*If you think you can handle a “Mac Attack,” we often serve the mac and chili together, for a sinfully delicious pairing!

  • John’s 11-Cheese Mac (Original)

  • Lobster Mac

  • Shrimp Mac

  • Crab Mac

  • Crawfish Mac

  • Broccoli Mac

  • Mushroom Mac

  • Chicken Alfredo Mac

  • Hatch Chili Mac

  • Bacon Mac heb stores, barn house delivery,

  • Cauliflower Mac